A propos


Our company was created in 2008 by two creators eager to develop the offer of organic certified fabric, and to make it affordable to all, individuals as professionals, without minima of order.
We propose only GOTS certified fabrics.


Price and marketing policy

Organic fabrics are naturally a bit more expensive than conventional ones. But not so much more. If price difference on raw material is up to 30%, we decided to reduce our margin on the finished product (fabric) to make it affordable.
It should be compared to other valuable fabrics, produced in conformity with ILO (International Labor Organisation) requirements.


Is organic fabric the latest fashionable whim ? We still often meet sceptics, looking at us with a small smile, as we look at a child who throws a tantrum : organic fabric would be a toy for bohos, a temporary and pointless fashion.

This reflects a false knowledge of the reality of textile industry. Have you already seen a T-shirt at £1 in a supermarket ? This T-shirt summarizes the drama of the cotton. Competition between the producing countries became so hard, and greed of the buyers so big, that a garment practically should cost nothing to be able to be sold.
So, any means are good to lower the production cost : massive use of pesticides to increase crops, use of chemicals to process fibers and dyes. No matter if these toxics remain inlayed in the fabric we put on our skin.

Best is for the end : processing of the fiber, weaving and clothing business in factories with poor working conditions and miserable wages for the workers (remember Rana Plaza).

Poor quality, state-subsidized cotton to kill competition, children working for less than a pence a day, there comes the £1 T-shirt from.