Legal information on the company


EURL (limited liability company), capital 3 000,00 Euros - SIRET : 52245693800037

Head office : ZA de Mescouezel - 22 bis route de Tremaidic - 29280 Plouzané - FRANCE
Tel +33 298 421 220

CEO : Stéphanie Lachenaud



The present general terms of sale are notified to every buyer to allow him(her) to place order.

As a consequence, the fact of placing order implies the whole support, without any reserve of the buyer on these general terms of sale.

These general terms of sale can be modified, the applicable conditions are the ones current on the site in the date of placing your order.


The prices of products and charged services are the ones appearing on the site at the time of the order.
The prices of our products are indicated in Euros inclusive of all taxes, except contribution to costs of sending and processing of your order.

The packaging, processing and shipping costs are determined by the global weight of the ordered goods.
They are automatically calculated for the most part of countries addressees. If your country is not present in the list of countries addressees, thank you for contacting us via email to estimate the shipment charges according to the weight of the parcel and the delivery address.

Order validation

When placing your order, you declare to accept this one as well as the entire present general terms of sale without reserve. 
We reserve the right to cancel any order of a customer with whom there would be a dispute concerning the payment of a previous order.
Any order placed on the web site will be prepared to measure. An order placed on the web site is thus firm and definitive and could not be cancelled afterwards.

Payments can be made by bank card, cheque, bank transfer or paypal.

The cheque must be drafted in the order of BIOTISSUS and sent to :
22 bis route de Tremaidic
ZA de Mescouezel

Payment by cheque is only possible in euros, at a bank in France. 
The order is sent after reception of the payment.

In case you would be late in the payment, and except any individual agreement with us, we shall be entitled to proceed to cancellation of the order past a deadline of 10 days after the confirmation of order sent to the buyer.

Delivery time

We try hard to deliver you as soon as possible. The usual delivery time is from 2 to 15 days 


The ordered products are delivered according to the address of your choice, indicated during the process of order. It is up to you to supply exactly all the necessary information, including a cell number, for the good routing of your order.

Organic certification

BIOTISSUS SARL is certified according to the GOTS label (Global Organic Textile Standard) by Ecocert Greenlife France. An audit of Ecocert in the premises of Biotissus is led every year for the control of the organic character of fabricsand renewal of the GOTS certificate.

Our GOTS certificate is available in download on the web site or by simple e-mail request.

A certificate of transaction concerning a particular order can be supplied, but only for a purchase of fabrics by whole roll.

Return of goods and retraction

We make a commitment on your complete satisfaction for all products and services. Fabrics are generally ordered and cut specifically according to your order. That is why our fabrics are neither taken back nor exchanged, except naturally if they had to, in spite of all our attention, present a defect. No return will be accepted if it was not previously indicated by email, in the "contact us" section of this site, and validated by our services by means of the attribution of an authorization number of return, to be mentionned on your return sending.

The present right of return can be accepted only for the new products in their original condition, complete, not washed and not used, accompanied with a copy of the invoice and further to preliminary agreement. One or several products can be paid off in form of a voucher or exchanged.

In the case of an exchange, the charges of sending and of return will stay at your expense. It is possible to exchange one or several new products by one or several products of an equivalent price or articles of a higher price, the difference being then due. If you choose an article of a lower price, credit note will be made on your future purchases. Credit notes are valid during 3 months after issue.

In the case of a refund, only the price of one or several products will be vouchered, the charges of sending and of return will be then at your cost. In case returned articles would not be in good condition we reserve the right to recalculate or cancel the refund.
Second class articles, destocking and bargains are neither refundable nor exchangeable.

The statutory right to withdraw of 7 days is of course appropriate.

Defect and fault

Although every article is controlled, we are not exempt from a possible fault. In case of problem or defect on a product, return can be asked only in 15 days following the purchase, provided that all the conditions of use are respected. If articles are damaged during a wash with a bleaching or laudering agent, fabric softener, high-temperature drying, iron, dye, the 15 days guarantee will be cancelled.

Computing freedom

According to article 27 of the law n°78-17 of January 6th, 1978 relative to computing, file processing and individual freedom, you have a right of access, modification, rectification and deletion of your data. You just have to write us in the " contact us" section, indicating your name, first name and e-mail.

Personal data protection

From 24.05.18, the RGPD was applied to this site by respecting the following criteria. The user has the possibility of asking by e-mail for the deletion all his information to protect his confidentiality: he just has to contact Biotissus by e-mail

Hosting of the website Biotissus is compatible and approved, according to the standards of the RGPD. To indent the safety of the transfer of the data, the HTTPS protocol ensures optimal confidentiality.

All the inactive accounts for 3 years are automatically deleted from our database.